The Platform

Our integrated data platform, predictive analytics, and case management help higher education institutions and e-learning companies improve student retention, persistence, and success. Not only will you know when, how, and why to intervene, you will also be able to evaluate the success of your interventions by facilitating their continuous improvement and automation.

A 360-degree view of your students on a scalable and transparent platform that provides measurable results.

Some of the features are:

  1. Dashboard

List of follow-up tasks based on a specific period of time/goal within the student’s journey.

It allows defining what type of interventions must be implemented and when according to the most relevant variables of the predictive model using a defined strategy.

     2. Performance models

It allows monitoring predictions and analyzing the performance of the model. The goal is to build trust.

3. Effectiveness of the Team’s Work

Performance analysis of the tasks suggested by the platform and completed by the team based on the entry rate, permanence, and exit per specific period of time/goal within the student’s journey.

Allows task allocation.

4. Data Integrity Model

Data processing and bug-fixing to optimize its use in predictions.

Troubleshooting errors in data integrations.

5. Communications Panel

Contactability to perform individual or bulk actions that facilitate follow-up tasks. The communications panel includes templates and a task assignment engine.

6. Panel of students profiles

Access to students’ profiles and data that allows performing follow-up tasks. The user will have a comprehensive view of the students, including metrics to measure the interventions performed.

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