Unlock the potential of your data to attract, support and retain more students and boost the number of graduates

Incorporate advanced analytics and machine learning into your team’s daily operations workflow to deliver a better student experience.

Nimbi is a Student Success Management Platform

Designed for educational institutions to identify students at risk of dropping out and automate interventions mitigate the risk and improve student experience, progression, and retention.

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Increase the visibility of your students

A platform that gathers all the information you need: student attrition and the factors that contribute to this risk, attendance, grades, payments, complaints, and more.

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Automate your team’s tasks

Create tasks automatically for your team to know exactly what to do, when, how and why.

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Measure the impact of your interventions

Get daily reports that measure the impact of your interventions to go through a continuous improvement process.

Positively impact on student success

We work with our partners to boost the number of graduates in Latin America and ensure social equity.

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Our solutions

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Student success management platform

Help your team support students with machine learning, advanced analytics and software.

Predictive educational models

Transform data to unlock its predictive and prescriptive power and use it in your students’ favor.

At-risk students profiles

Discover the at-risk student profile and make strategic decisions.

Custom reports

Interactive reports that use data and intelligence to make the right decisions at the right time.

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Student support

One of the critical factors of retention is how you support the student journey. At Nimbi, we can do it for you

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Advanced analytics

Understand and optimize the learning process and environment throughout the student lifecycle.

Why is Nimbi your best option?


Increase in student engagement
Students supported by Nimbi’s task generators have demonstrated more engagement since they started using the platform.


Increase in student engagement
The engagement rate on the platform (LMS) of at-risk students who received support based on Nimbi’s suggestions increased to 45% compared to non-treated students with similar characteristics


Increase in retention
Nimbi´s platform has bolstered graduation rates by 8.2%

Use intelligent tools to manage students’ experiences

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Retention strategies

Add software that generates coordinated tasks to your support team’s retention strategies.

Re-Enrollment or continuous enrollment

Optimize this process with our automation system and task generator so that your team can keep students on their academic journey.


Incorporate machine learning and software into admission processes to boost applicant and lead conversion while saving money and resources.

What our clients say…

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How can you leverage your retention strategy with Nimbi?

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