Unleash the power of your data to engage, retain and graduate more students.

Students, as we knew them, no longer exist.

Institutions must reinvent their retention models, student experience, and technology tools to ensure that all the students continue and complete their education. Whether they are first-generation students, have jobs, or have their own families, we support each of your students.

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¿Why Nimbi?

Nimbi combines your team’s knowledge and experience with our Intelligent Student Accompaniment System. Anyone who plays a role in student management will be able to support a larger number of students more efficiently and generating a greater impact.

Learn how our algorithms combined with learning analytics and robust student success management software can help your institution.

With our solutions and platform, you will be able to:

Finding troubled students

Visualize the entire student population and identify which students are at risk, when they are, and the root causes.

Deliver effective interventions

Support students with a system that automatically generates tasks for your team to deliver personalized assistance at the right time, increasing student success.

Get metrics to measure success

Measure the impact of each of the interventions generated so that you enter into a continuous improvement process.

Nimbi’s impact to your bottom line

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Our algorithms have 80% accuracy on average.

78% improvement in the effectiveness of student success interventions.

He have reached 350.000 students.

What customers are saying?

"The pandemic forced the acceleration of the digitalization process in Higher Education. Therefore, AIEP faces new challenges when interacting with students. With Nimbi's assistance, we can focus on making student support and academic development more efficient."

Héctor Clavero
National Director of Processes, AIEP

"Nimbi allows eClass to identify and prioritize those students who need more support, developing personalized intervention strategies based on real data."

Andrea Mella
Director of Academic Coordination, eClass.

Nimbi has helped eClass improve student support processes, and we can now interact with more students in a shorter period of time. Also, it helped increase the efficient use of our resources".

Francisca Ahumada
Customer Manager, eClass

Experience the impact of having an integrated data platform, predictive analytics and case management for your institution.

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