Solutions and services

A powerful combination of these 4 points:

1. Specialized consulting

Our consulting services combined with the educational institution’s know-how and Nimbi’s technology will allow a deep understanding of engaging students, identifying the risks they are exposed to, and improving retention at the early stages of the student’s journey.

We partner with your institution to help you understand, through the use of our technology, machine learning techniques, and Business Intelligence, the most effective way to motivate your students.

2. Data integration

The Institutions of Higher Education and businesses that provide education services have disparate data sources. Therefore, they have problems organizing, cleaning, and crossing information for decision-making. Nimbi solves this problem by taking this data into one data house or central repository of information housed in Nimbi, which allows to visualize and interact with the data.

3. Learning Analytics

Our models and algorithms are the foundation of the software we develop. Nimbi uses or improves existing models and develops new ones based on our processes and insights. The models allow identifying students at risk at the right time, and the root causes. 

4. Management of students at risk

Predictive models without a software tool to power them are not useful. Nimbi’s unique intelligent platform generates interventions plans that can be measured, improving key indicators for your organization.