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We work with our partners to boost the number of graduates in the world and ensure social equity.

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Our mission is to make student management an intelligent and measurable process.


With our state-of-the-art technology we want to contribute to social equity in Latin America by increasing the number of graduates.


We encourage constant improvement and optimization of different student management processes of our partners and clients.


As part of our commitment, we tailor each strategy of the process to meet the interests and goals of our clients.

This is our great team

The Nimbi family consists of a diverse group of people with high technical skills and extensive experience in the world of startups, technology, and education.

Juan Pablo Courbis
Want to improve your processes? My mission is to make student management an intelligent and measurable process!
Juan Pablo Courbis
Have any new features? I will be responsible for growing the platform and making it as useful as possible.
Jaime Bauzá
Chief Technology Officer
Bernardo Barías
Want to boost your institution using concrete information? I'm here to make sure your data does the talking!
Bernardo Barías
Chief Data Scientist Officer
Fotografía de Ana Escalante
I am responsible for explaining new features in a friendly and accessible language. You can contact me anytime!
Ana Escalante
Chief Marketing Office
Fotografía Matías Salinas
I am a designer who loves creating solutions focused on the users and their needs.
Mariana Martinho
UX/UI Consultant
I will be your front-end developer and I will make sure you interact with our platform in the best way possible.
Victor Rodas
Full Stack Developer
I love coding so I will help you create and automate the best workflows for student success management.
Matías Salinas
Full Stack Developer
Fotografía Juan Carlos Infante
Do you want to try something new with your data? Let's talk!
Juan Carlos Infante
Head of Partner Success

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