Custom reports

Your interventions have an impact on your students, which is why it is important to measure them at all times. In Nimbi everything is measured and this can be seen in different reports.

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Tailored reports

Gather information and turn it into intelligence that lets you make the right decisions at the right time with interactive reports that show you the progress of student management every minute.

Applications and practical uses

Team efficiency and performance
Check the management metrics of your team. You will see the number of students each member is managing, the total number of tasks that has been performed, and the amount of time from the completion of the task until the student achieved the goal.
Student engagement
By measuring your students' activity, you will be able to determine their engagement, which is one of the most important predictors of retention. Your interventions will help you understand how engaged your student is and how this engagement changes over time.
Student risk
This report helps you determine how and where the risk is distributed. You will have a strategic vision once you check it according to the segments you want.
of team tasks
This report shows you an estimate of the new tasks your team needs to perform based on existing active students. It also shows you how many active tasks expire each day.

Benefits and advantages of using our platform

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Group 866
Make sure your efforts are paying off

With a system that constantly monitors the impact of your student support management, you will go through a continuous improvement process.

Group 866
More efficient teams

Keeping track of your team’s productivity metrics will help you determine if they’re doing a good job, and what improvements can be made.

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No more Excel sheets

Reports are customized to meet the needs of your institution. They are integrated with dynamic data and made available to your team.


Examples of reports you will
have access to

Group 866

Metrics of the emails sent over the past 31 days and their results classified in different categories and filters.

Group 866

Details of the calls made over the past 31 days and their results using different filters.

Group 866
Student risk

This report helps you determine how and where the risk of active students is distributed.

Group 866
Call efficiency

Check call metrics to help your team be more efficient in managing students.

We support you all along the process

We collaborate with your team in understanding their processes. In this way, we ensure system adjustment and, more importantly, we increase student success together.

eficiencia gestión estudiantil
Strategy formulation

We help you improve the efficiency of your student management.

automatización de procesos
Process automation

We advise you on how to design process automation to retain students.

Capacitación y acompañamiento
Training and support

Throughout change management process, we will be with you every step of the way.

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Technical support

We are a click away to help you.

How can you leverage your retention strategy with Nimbi?

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