Student Success Management Platform

Software designed to help your institution’s teams support, manage and encourage students individually and enhance their experience in the academic pathway.

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Management in one place

We know you want your team to be consistent. We’ve created a technology that connects administrators, teachers, school staff, and counselors within a coordinated support network.

Applications and practical uses

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Student retention plans
Identify students at risk and automate action plans for your support teams to get early alerts that tell them how to mitigate this risk.
Academic progression models
Track your students’ academic progress and develop strategies for corrective actions or improvement action plans. You will quickly determine if there is a lack of progression and the support staff will receive automated alerts to assist.
Monitoring and tracking
Monitor your students and track their progress against relevant metrics such as failure to meet objectives, engagement, participation and learning.
New student's welcome
Implement organized welcome and induction processes for new students.

Benefits and advantages of using our platform

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Better indicators

Increase student enrollment, retention, re-enrollment, and timely graduation.

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Focus on the individual

You will be able to identify who to support, when, why, and how, with data that discloses individual details.

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Save time and money

Use your resources efficiently, automate your processes, and follow the goals your students are expected to achieve.

We support you all along the process

We collaborate with your team in understanding their processes. In this way, we ensure system adjustment and, more importantly, we increase student success together.

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Strategy formulation

We help you improve the efficiency of your student management.

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Process automation

We advise you on how to design process automation to retain students.

Capacitación y acompañamiento
Training and support

Throughout change management process, we will be with you every step of the way.

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Technical support

We are a click away to help you.