Student support

One of the critical factors of retention is how you support the student journey. At Nimbi, we can do it for you.

Our team has personally supported over 40,000 students.

A team that supports
your students

Support from an expert team will be available whenever you need it and will keep in touch with your students, so you will not have to deal with staff or massive process management costs throughout the year.

Applications and practical uses

New students’ welcome
We support institutions with a dedicated team to contact each new student, providing them with relevant information and making them feel welcome.
Re-Enrollment or continuous enrollment
Re-enrollment processes are time-consuming for your team, so we can help you reach out to your students personally to assist with the process.
Student re-enrollment
We will help you re-enroll students who have dropped out. They will be contacted and encouraged to pick up where they left off or to continue their continuous learning.
General campaigns
Every time you want to run a specific campaign with your students, you can delegate this job. It will be easier for your team to focus on different tasks since they will not be consumed with their everyday work.

Benefits and advantages of using our platform

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Connect with your students

Educational institutions can contact a large number of students in a simple and effective manner. They can also connect with them and provide support to achieve their goals.

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Keep your team focused

Free your team from endless tasks and help them stay focused.

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No more temporary workers

We are responsible for all management since we have our own student support team.

We support you all along the process

We collaborate with your team in understanding their processes. In this way, we ensure system adjustment and, more importantly, we increase student success together.

eficiencia gestión estudiantil
Strategy formulation

We help you improve the efficiency of your student management.

automatización de procesos
Process automation

We advise you on how to design process automation to retain students.

Capacitación y acompañamiento
Training and support

Throughout change management process, we will be with you every step of the way.

soporte técnico Nimbi
Technical support

We are a click away to help you.