Nimbi has been selected for the Growth program of Start-Up Chile

It’s now official! Nimbi is one of the 19 companies that have been awarded Growth funding as part of the BIG program led by Start-Up Chile and Corfo. We are very proud to be part of the fourth generation of Growth and to be SUPpers once again. This funding round focuses on consolidated and expanding startups.
As soon as the news broke on Monday 11, it spread like wildfire on social and traditional media. Felipe O’Ryan immediately shared an interview in La Segunda and other national media also echoed the list of startups that have been awarded Corfo’s funding during the Boric era.
In La Segunda’s interview, O’Ryan dedicated some time to talk about Nimbi. Juan Pablo Courbis, our founder and CEO, explained what we do in our Edtech and said: “We develop software that integrates Higher Education data and helps determine the risk probability of student attrition. We can identify students who are falling behind and develop automate action plans for universities to activate support networks to help those students.”
Nimbi is already working with Universidad Andrés Bello, eClass and AIEP to unlock the potential of their data to attract, support and retain more students and boost the number of graduates. Our biggest dream is to work with our partners to boost the number of graduates Latin America needs to ensure social equity. We integrate advanced analytics and machine learning into the teams’ daily operations workflow of the educational institutions we work with to deliver a better student experience.

Our results back us up.
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54% Increase in student commitment
45% Increase in student engagement
8.2% Increase in student retention

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